Raising Piercy Conner's profile in India 

Piercy Conner, an award winning London based architectural Practice, commissioned Aline Marketing to undertake a wide range of strategic and tactical marketing and communications activities, including an integrated marketing campaign to raise the profile of the practice in India, following the success of the SymHomes MK1 project in Kolkata.  The profile raising campaign utilised direct mail, email, PR and event management techniques to develop relationships with key contacts - developers, consultants and agents - and win new business.  

Key achievements:

  • Research and analysis of target market and the creation of marketing campaign and programme.
  • Creation of a press release promoting the SymHomes MK1 project and the Practice; generating 15 pieces of press coverage in international trade publications and 1 piece in national newspaper. 
  • Creation and delivery of direct mail promotional campaign to target Indian contacts; generating 3 requested meetings for new business trip to India.
  • Organisation and management of a 5 day visit to India, including 12 new business meetings and 5 networking events; generating 2 category 3 leads. 
  • Produced follow up strategies to maintain relationships with key contacts and promote the practice in India.